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Conversation with a Mexican teacher, listen to a neutral accent for easy understanding of the Spanish language

 Very affordable prices !!  Welcome all people of any age

Let's chat from any device, computer, tablet, cell phone

You choose the device to be the best way for you, only with your google account.

Connect from any country and at the time you want 

Without restrictions, connect from the comfort of your home, school or work. 

Without grammar or complicated rules 

Talking is the best and easiest way to learn and also to practice your Spanish. 

Satisfied customers 

John W.

Great conversationalist. Thanks to him, I've learned a lot, especially since my Spanish expression used to be quite basic, and I lacked confidence. Now, I understand much more and genuinely enjoy conversing in Spanish. Thank you! 

Kelly H. 

The key to learning any language is having a teacher you can understand well, someone who knows how to engage in interesting conversations. I found the best pronunciation and a very user-friendly learning methodology here. Thanks, Oscar! 

Tess B. 

I came across Professor Oscar on a social network and decided to give it a shot by booking just one hour of conversation to practice my Spanish and learn more. I didn't have high expectations, but to my surprise, from that very first conversation, I was amazed at how much I learned. It's not just a class; the teacher has a knack for explaining various things while engaging in any topic. Highly recommended. 

Shopia M.

Fantastic conversations filled with humor, anecdotes, and interesting facts – a great way to learn without the need for formal classes or grammar explanations. I learned a lot quickly. Thank you, teacher! 

William F.

Due to the price, I initially had two thoughts: either it was a scam or the teacher wasn't very professional. However, after the first conversation, my opinion completely changed. Wow! Great teacher, excellent conversationalist. You can discuss any topic, and the learning experience is really effective. I highly recommend it.  

Gérard C.

I needed to pick up Spanish quickly for an upcoming trip to Latin America, so I booked a few hours to chat with Professor Oscar. To my surprise, I found that I could understand many Spanish words, thanks to the teacher's clear and easy-to-follow pronunciation. This has been the most effective way for me to learn, and I'm really grateful. 

Renaud B.

I'm a university student, and I took Spanish classes, but unfortunately, I got the worst grades. I stumbled upon the YouTube channel and decided to try conversation sessions, not really expecting much, just viewing it as another option. Now, I'm the only one in my class who can speak Spanish. It's true that I may struggle with writing and understanding many grammatical rules, but I believe the most crucial aspect of a language is speaking it. Don't you agree? I've achieved that, and I'm very happy. Thank you. 

Kattie W.

I have a genuine fondness for the Spanish language, but for some reason, I wasn't picking it up as quickly as I'd hoped. That's when someone recommended Professor Oscar to me, and that's how I stumbled upon his page. I decided to give it a shot and booked a few hours of conversation. Following some engaging and downright amusing chats, I can't pinpoint when exactly, but I started comprehending many words. More importantly, I gained confidence in speaking Spanish. A big thank you to you, Professor! 

Hans P.

Loads of experience, a friendly approach, and a passion for teaching – that sums up my learning experience with Professor Oscar. The personalized conversations make it easy to understand his Spanish pronunciation, leading to a very natural learning process.  

Isabella N.

Hey there! I have a liking for the Spanish language. I had studied it for a few years, but I lacked the confidence to speak it during my trips. Then, my friends suggested Professor Oscar, and I checked out his YouTube channel. Surprisingly, I could understand his pronunciation, but the real question was: would I dare to speak in Spanish? With his support, I gained the confidence to start speaking. We had some really interesting and fun conversations. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment!  

Andrei J.

Hi everyone, my wife and I are currently living in Mexico, enjoying our retirement. When we arrived, we only knew a few words in Spanish, so we recognized the importance of learning to communicate with people here. Having conversations with Oscar turned out to be a fascinating and effective way to quickly advance our understanding of the language. We're very grateful for his excellent service. 

Anna H.

Due to personal and financial reasons, I find myself now residing in Latin America. My online work enables me to continue my job for the company back in my home country. Despite having some prior knowledge of Spanish, I hadn't practiced much, and I never dared to engage in conversation. I initiated online conversations with Professor Oscar, and in the first week, I found myself naturally responding to some of his questions in Spanish. It was like a seamless transition to speaking, shedding the fear of pronouncing words and completing phrases. It's an excellent learning option if you want a personal teacher to help you speak Spanish without feeling like you're in a formal class – more like hanging out with a friend. Thank you! 

These are the payment methods to order the different conversation packages.

You can pay with Paypal or Stripe from any country and if you live in Mexico you can also pay by bank transfer or in cash at Oxxo stores.

$ 15 dollars U.S. 

$ 10 dollars U.S. per hour

$ 200 dollars U.S. total price

$ 8 dollars U.S. per hour

$ 400 dollars U.S. total price

The best option to speak Spanish in a few weeks !!

$ 6.25 dollars U.S. per hour

$ 500 dollars U.S. total price

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose this option, I guarantee and commit that you will speak Spanish at an intermediate level within just a few weeks.